Lighty components are fully or partially implementing following RFCs.

Our goal is to provide important networking standards and make sure that implementations are tested and delivered in expected quality. Supported RFCs will help you assemble applications for wide use in standardized SDN deployments.


Requests for comment (RFCs) cover many aspects of computer networking, including protocols, procedures, programs, and concepts.


YANG is a data modeling language used to model configuration and state data manipulated by the Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF), NETCONF remote procedure calls and NETCONF notifications.


The Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) defined in this document provides mechanisms to install, manipulate and delete the configuration of network devices.

ComponentRFCRFC partDescription
Lighty Core yangtools 1.2.0, 2.0.1RFC 6020 (yang 1.0)

RFC 7950 (yang 1.1)

RFC 6536 (yang extenstions)**
** yang extension defined in RFC 6536 are supported
ODL-RESTCONF-northbound module/featureRFC 8040* section 6 Notifications are supported via websockets only
* section 3.6 Action operations are not supported in MD-SAL
ODL (community) RestConf NBP (HTTP 1.1)
PT-RESTCONF-northbound moduleRFC 8040


* section 3.6 in RFC 8040 Action operations are not supported in MD-SAL* Pantheon’s RestConf NBP (HTTP2)
* support notification via SSE(HTTP/1.1)
– done (100%)
* support notification via Streams(HTTP/2)
– in progress
ODL-NETCONF-southbound module/featureRFC 6241

RFC 5277

RFC 6022


TLS support X509 v3 certificates**

** X509 v3 certificates specified by RFC 5280
PT-SNMP-southbound module/featureRFC 6643